Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just a brief announcement that MR OCEAN LINER will premiere at THE ELINOR BUNIN MUNROE FILM CENTER, Friday August 26th as part of CINEMATIC PASSAGES: THE OCEAN LINER ON FILM. This exciting new Ocean Liner Film Festival will feature a special live lecture by "Mr. Ocean Liner" himself Maritime Historian and Author Bill Miller.

The festival will run through August 30th and tickets go on sale August 11. Other films presented as part of this celebration of Ocean Liners in the movies include: "The Princess Comes Across", "Shall We Dance", Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", "A Night To Remember", "The Lady Eve", "The Poseidon Adventure", "Royal Wedding" "Titanic" & More! Brought to you by Lincoln Center Film Society under the guidance of Program Director Richard Peña and Director of Development Tom Michel. Co-Curators Bill Miller & Robert Neal Marshall. Special thanks to Mark B Perry & Mitchell Mart!

Visit: http://www.filmlinc.com/films/series/cinematic-passages-ocean-liners-on-screen

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Preparation for A Premiere

Just an update on the preparations for this amazing premiere of MR. OCEAN LINER that Cunard is so graciously hosting on board Queen Mary 2 on July 1st! Preview copies of the film have been screened and all is in excellent shape. Color correction and sound balance are complete with all components in place. Final "spit and polish" included some extra original music by Peter Ising, a few additional scanned photos, and a few more video clips that added a nice touch before rendering.

As with any "Opening Night" there are the expected jitters, more to make sure that all the technical aspects are working correctly. Never trusting machinery and computers I am coming armed with multiple copies of the screening DVD, plus a Flash Card with a digital MPEG4 version of the film, and an external hard drive with both the MPEG file and HD Quicktime format. I'll be able to board Queen Mary 2 early to test operations & sound balance before our 200 confirmed guests begin arriving!!

The initial preview reviews have been really wonderful, so I'm hoping that audiences will enjoy MR. OCEAN LINER just as much. I can proudly say that the film does, indeed, take an insightful look into the life of the one and only Bill Miller. During production I purposely sought answers to questions posed to Bill (and our star guests) about details we all want to know about Bill, his life, and his creative process.

It seemed a natural choice to me, however several folks have already commented they are a bit amazed that there is no third party "Narration" for this documentary and that none is even necessary. The film manages to flow from one clip to the next seamlessly with Mr. Miller and respective guests driving the story forward, one commenting on the other and picking up where the other left off. It's as if they were all in the same room having a conversation. I love the editing process when the pieces all fit together like that, or can be cut to fit like the components of a huge puzzle.

In addition to the more obvious (or perhaps more well known) aspects of Bill Miller as the "larger than life" lecturer extraordinaire, I am very pleased (and some folks may be surprised) that we have captured a more intimate side of Bill; looking at his growing up, his family, and a look at his alternate life and dual career as a teacher. For fans of Bill Miller (and there are so many that really love this guy, myself included) I think everyone will enjoy a personal look at his Ocean Liner Model & Sky Scraper collection, as well as his wonderful Painting Gallery in his Secaucus, NJ home. WIth over 1000 miniature model ships it's impossible in a 53 minute film to show everything, but I can certainly promise an "insider" glimpse of what NY/NJ Port Manager Tony LaForgia calls "Ocean Liner Heaven"!

With over 23 hours of video footage filmed between August 19, 2009 and May 20, 2010 we could have easily done a "Mini Series" on Mr. Ocean Liner, however the flow in the final cut seems just right blend. It's clearly a tribute, but also tells a story through interviews and images from how Bill got started lecturing, writing, and how he balanced it all so far in his life. Lots of images on board the Cunard Liners Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria as well that includes a segment with some great shots from the Bridge of Queen Victoria as Bill delivers his famous arrival narration under the Verrazano Bridge and into New York harbor.

I am particularly excited and most appreciative to Mark B. Perry who contributed some very cool vintage film clips I incorporated that include color movies of the original Queen Mary, Independence, SS Nieuw Amsterdam, United States and even a quick clip of the Andrea Doria!

Off now to continue packing materials and equipment for the Premiere, and to also capture some extra "Bonus footage" during the event and on the following voyage to Halifax & Boston. Several members of the Steamship Historical Society will be on board and that will be nice addition to the final DVD due for official release on August 9, 2010. Bill and I will also do a special "Commentary" audio track. Besides needing the time to build the DVD, and for replication & packaging production, I like the idea of 8-9-10 as the release date (in US format).

We'll make special Advance ordering available with Free Shipping via www.MrOceanLiner.com starting on July 6th and orders can also be placed on board Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria with the same advance offer!

For those of you coming to the Premiere I look forward to seeing you there and hope you enjoy MR OCEAN LINER. For those of you in other ports, I hope you will truly enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed the year long process of making it!

Many thanks!
Robert Neal Marshall

Friday, June 4, 2010


Sound those trumpets! Get out the red carpet! Mark Thu Jul 1st on your calendar!

Graciously & most generously, Cunard has just confirmed, in fact just minutes ago, that MR OCEAN LINER, that exciting new film production enlivened with over two dozen on-camera interviews, vintage liner photos & a brilliant musical score (of no less than a half-dozen original songs) will be previewed on the biggest Atlantic liner of them all --- the mighty, ever glamorous, elegant-nod-to-the-grand Deco era at sea QUEEN MARY 2. Cunard is the ever-generous host of the event.

Full details to go out shortly, but boarding will be at 11:30 at the Brooklyn Passenger Terminal, then drinks & canapes in the chandeliered Queens Room at Noon and then, in high excitement, off to Illuminations, the ship's unique planetarium (and done in true, spirited "early Ginger Rogers") for the very first showing of the 60-minute production. Robert Neal Marshall, the creator, producer, director & brilliant genius of the entire film, will introduce the film and we shall be joined by Peter Ising, another brilliant genius, who composed all the music.

So, the white smoke has gone up! MR OCEAN LINER will debut onboard the legendary QUEEN MARY 2. Details & invitations to follow shortly.

And a great nod of heartfelt thanks to Michael Hadgis, who has conceived of this masterful plan & is now seeing it through.

So, those whistles are sounding ... MR OCEAN LINER will be launched aboard the QUEEN MARY 2.

Bill Miller
June 4, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally a long overdue update and report on the status of MR OCEAN LINER - The Life and Times of Bill Miller! I am very pleased to report that principal photography is nearly completed. Several months and multiple trips have included round trip transatlantic crossings on both the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria, a Grand Estate dinner in the United Kingdom, to the spectacular opening of the NORMANDIE exhibit Decodence at South Street Seaport in New York.

Fabulous interviews have been recorded with close friends and associates, not to mention candid and insightful conversations on camera with our “Man of the Hour” Mr Miller, exploring his life from childhood to teaching, all the while building a career as one of the great authors and experts in his field. I have scanned hundreds of vintage photographs, newspaper clippings, book covers and have included an intimate look into Bill’s personal exhibit of Ocean Liner artwork and miniature models that adorn the walls and shelves of his private home.

I am proud to have captured the memories and commentary from a host of amazing people who have known Bill over the years. Some familiar names include, Commodore Bernard Warner, Captain Ian McNaught, the one and only Thomas Quinones, Chief Purser Jonathan Leavor, Dr. Martin Carroll, Entertainment Director Alastair Greener, International Floral Designer and Lecturer Howard Franklin, longtime friend and Maritime Collectibles Dealer Dick Faber, Broadway Producer Steve Rivellino, Assistant Entertainment Director Amanda Reid, Singer Paul Ritchie, fellow teacher and actress Margo Singaliese, composer and teacher Peter Ising and NY Port Operations Manager Tony LaForgia, to mention a few. Upcoming interviews are still scheduled and soon the documentation will be complete.

The great challenge and true creative work has already begun as I edit together over 25 hours of raw video and sill images to chisel out an hour program that shares an entertaining and compelling look at the man who has inspired us, moved us, entertained us, educated us, and who is a special dear friend to so many who have the wonderful opportunity to know him.

We should be on track for an end of May or June completion date as long as production and post production continues on this path. Further updates will follow as available.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Teaser Trailer for MR OCEAN LINER Documentary!

Stop the presses! Hot off the line! Here is a sneak preview Teaser Trailer from the upcoming Documentary MR OCEAN LINER, The Life And Times Of Bill Miller! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Word From Mr. Miller

Like boarding a ship and beginning a grand voyage, the "adventure" of making a documentary about "Mr Ocean Liner" is very exciting. Both happily and thankfully, Bob Marshall is brilliant and the ideal captain of this journey. To date, we have logged in some 20 hrs of interviews/footage and with more to come.

I have so enjoyed loving the liners --- and both speaking & writing about them. It all started with a fleet of toy boats on my Grandmother's kitchen table ... my own little harbor! And, of course, growing up in Hoboken, back in the 1950s, with a front-row seat onto the Hudson River --- the magnificent New York City skyline as a backdrop, the freighters & ferries & little tugs as the supporting cast and then those great ocean liners as the leading ladies. A love affair began ... a passion was ignited ... and it has been a totally joyous "voyage" for me ever since.

This project will hopefully tell that story, ignite memories, foster modern day liner travel and maybe ignite passion in others. So, the whistles are sounding --- the long voyage of Mr Ocean Liner, from boyhood to the present, has begun! Already, I have my seat in a nice deckchair along the Boat Deck!

Bill Miller
Sep 30th 2009

Welcome To Mr. Ocean Liner Blog

Lights! Camera! Action! Production is now underway for a new documentary film MR. OCEAN LINER about the life and times of Maritime Historian, lecturer and author of over 70 amazing books about ships. Bill Miller grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey where he could watch the Grand Liners across the Hudson River. A teacher for many years, Bill has fulfilled a lifelong dream through his publications and talks, powered by a deep passion for ships and travel. His books are world famous and he is one of the foremost experts in his field.

It was an amazing honor to be asked by Bill if I would film the story of his life. Bill had seen my previous documentary tribute THREE QUEENS - AN INTERNATIONAL RENDEZVOUS www.3QueensDVD.com and, impressed by the personal touch, thought we would be a good match. This teamwork has set us both on an adventure that has already included a roundtrip sojourn across the Atlantic, a grand fete at a manor house in the English countryside, and sensational interviews from personal friends to the Executive Director of the South Street Seaport Museum in New York, to Commodore Bernard Warner in command of the Queen Mary 2, Captain Ian McNaught at the helm of Queen Victoria (also the final Captain to steer the Queen Elizabeth 2 on her final voyage to Dubai) and many more special folks who have known and loved Bill for so many years!

In addition to great photographs from Bill's personal collection, the final production will include insightful commentary and a look at one man's journey from Hoboken across the Seven Seas!

Please check back from time to time for updates about the production, behind the scenes stories as well as guest postings from the man of the hour himself, Mr. Bill Miller!